SOLAR FLAT-10 roof tile


Dimensiones 457 x 1.268 (mm)
Weight 9.30 Kg.
Peak power (Pmax) 56 Wp
Units /m2 2,22 – 2,02 uds.
Maximum Power /m2  123 Wp/m2
m2 / 1 KWp 8.12 m2
Units/kWp 17.86

The SOLAR FLAT-10 roof tile is designed to blend seamlessly into your roof. Thanks to its integration, it confers all the benefits of capturing renewable photovoltaic solar energy as well as presenting excellent reliability in terms of watertightness throughout the roof.
The SOLAR FLAT-10 roof tile is a photovoltaic tile manufactured using the latest photovoltaic cell technology. Denoted by the acronym CIGS* (copper, indium, gallium and selenium), it is the most effective technology when it comes to operating in the shade. Using this technology, we can produce high-efficiency solar cells with a high output which are also environmentally-friendly as they are free of cadmium and lead.
The SOLAR FLAT-10 tile integrates perfectly into the roof, maintaining the same aesthetic appearance as a ceramic tile, preserving the line and usual thickness of the covering layer as thin as the tile itself.

Durability and performance over time is reinforced by the structure of the product itself and the use of glass-glass panel (double tempered glass) that ensures a durable and watertight encapsulation.

Find out more about: Tejas Borja SOLAR product range | Products that are perfectly integrated into flat tile roofs from Tejas Borja “Flat” range.


The SOLAR FLAT-10 roof tile has an entirely black (FULL-BLACK), anti-reflective finish, with none of the typically visible connections. It is is entirely compatible with the
FLAT-10 ceramic tile (see available finishes ).
SOLAR FLAT-10 Tile must always be installed on ventilated roofs using a double batten system or equivalent.
* CIGS (copper, indium, gallium and selenium) is an acronym which describes the latest development in high efficiency solar cell technology (this technology is the most effective
in shady conditions) providing high performance while being free from cadmium and lead.


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