Length: 40.8 cm.
Width: 18.0 cm (max.) / 14.0 (min.)
Weight: 1,6 Kg./ut.
Units/sq.m.: 30 roof tiles
Units per ml eave line: 12 roof tiles

Weight per sq. m.: 48 Kg
Units per lm ridge: 3 roof tiles
Units per lm edge: 3 roof tiles
Max. overlap: 17.0 cm
Min. overlap: 8.0 cm

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Curved roof tile are the most widely-used roof tile format.

Curved roof tile with smooth curvature profile of 40 cm. in length and 19 cm. wide, which forms a gutter profile roof, its design allows different overlap measures between the parts. The edges tend to be convergent resulting a wide end and another narrow to facilitate the assembly of pans and covers with the same format.

The curved roof tile C-40.19 is also available in BorjaBLANC (selection of special white clay). Ideal for the Mediterranean climate.

Approximate values: Installation must comply with Code of practice for the design and fixing of roofs with clay roofing tiles for the region and Tejas Borja specifications.


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